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Parnassus supports the core business functions of an awarding organisation: qualification management, approved centres, learner registration, entry of achievement through to certification. A portal-style solution which can be used by internal staff and, with our sophisticated security structure, any function can be made available to centres, EQA's, assessors and other external users. Parnassus is the only fully web-based awarding organisation management system with such an extensive range of functions.


Registration of Learners and their qualifications. Capture individually and in batches, either on-screen or via file upload. Duplicate checking.


Submission of achievement for both external and internal assessment, with checks against qualification rules, centre approval and DCS. Approval by EQAs if applicable.


Print certificates in various batch sizes, by centre, by learner, by cohort, by date range - and much more. Plus eCertificates and online certificate validation.


The registration process can be handled individually or in batches. The system will automatically check for duplicates and send an email back to the centre.

  • Learner registration captures details of the learner, the qualification and the units & pathways they undertake. This module can be extended to link to Learning Records Service (LRS) for validation of Unique Learner Numbers (ULN).
  • The registration process will check the centre approval details, individual site details - and the qualifications offered at each site.
  • Qualification or unit registration defines qualifications, units, pathways, assessment types and methods.


  • Centres can submit internal assessments online.
  • Assessors can submit external assessments.
  • Achievements can be uploaded to PLR using a file export or by direct integration.
  • Qualification grades are calculated according to the rules of combination, based on the unit grades and weights.


  • System checks rules of combination, minimum age, centre status - and much more.
  • Certificates can be generated in batches or individually, by qualification, centre, learner, cohort, date range etc.
  • Also produce unit certificates, transcripts, summary listings, covering letters.
  • View certificate summary for manual checking before printing.
  • eCertificates are also available, with QR codes containing embedded cross-checking details
  • Online certificate validation function - either by bleeping QR code or manual entry of certificate details

Bespoke and Consultation Services

Parnassus is a fully functioning application that can be used immediately after installation – or can be customised to your organisation’s business processes, terminology & document templates. These are some of the bespoke extensions we can provide: examiner management, recruitment, links to finance systems, memberships, integration with eAssessment solutions – and much more!

You may also be interested in our software solution for EPA organisations – see www.ga-talus.com for further information.

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