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AO Forum 2016 - Slides

PPTlogo Martin Lowder - Qualifications Overseas

PPTlogo Bryan Horne - OfQual

PPTlogo Denver Davies, Qualifications Wales

PPTlogo Isabel Sutcliffe - Qualifications Overseas

PPTlogo Patrick Craven - Online Assessment



AO Forum 2015 - Slides

PPTlogo Janet Ryland - Qualifications & Funding

PPTlogoJulie Swan - OfQual

PPTlogo Ben Turner - Sales Strategies for AO's

PPTlogo Ian Lynch - Running an AO

PPTlogo Gavin Busittil-Reynaud - Developing Validity Strategies

PPTlogo Clare Ruiz-Palma, eAssessment



AO Forum 2014 - Slides

PPTlogo Janet Ryland - Qualifications & Funding

PPTlogoNatalie Penrose - An Update From The Regulator - OfQual

PPTlogo John Winkley - E-Assessment

PPTlogo John McNamara - AO’s & The Charles Darwin Principle

PPTlogo Femi Lucas - Risk Management

PPTlogo Sarah Girling - Would Your Customer Give You 10 Out Of 10?



AO Forum 2013 - Slides

PPTlogo  James Holyfield - Apprenticeships

PPTlogo  Janet Ryland - Funding

PPTlogo  Jim Coyle - Selling Overseas

PPTlogo  Nicola Cartwright - IT systems at an AO

PPTlogo  John McNamara - The Future Of Qualifications



AO Forum 2012 - Slides

PPTlogo International Opportunities; Gail Campbell, British Council

PPTlogo  Meeting The Needs Of The Customer; Michael Donohoe, CYQ

PPTlogo  Self-Evaluation; William & Sue, Aspire2
               For accompanying narrative please see William's blog:

PPTlogo  The Nuts And Bolts Of Education Policy; Steve Besley, EdExcel 


AO Forum 2011 - Slides

Agile - Responding to change  Agile Systems - Responding To Change; Craig Strangwick, ABC

QCF Funding  QCF Funding; Nick Linford, LSECT

QCF - Where to from here  QCF - Where To From Here; Norman Gealy

VTCT Case Study  VTCT Case Study; Lesley Morris, VTCT

Parnassus User Group May 2011

Parnassus Road Map  Parnassus Road Map; Rod Gordon

Xor - Systems integration  XOR - Systems Integration; John O'Sullivan, XOR


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