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Business Value

With the regulatory pressures such as the QCF review, and technology demands such as LRS and A2C, awarding bodies need fast, flexible IT systems that can evolve with their requirements over the coming years.

Our Parnassus framework can help deliver real cost benefits in accuracy, turnaround times, business intelligence, security, robustness, customer satisfation and much more ...

Scalability - our systems provide a scalable framework that can grow with your business; we are working with an awarding body that were handling 25,000 candidate registrations per year only a few years ago and now they are handling 95,000 registrations per year.

Staff - another client is now handling three times as many assessments per year compared to 3 years ago, that's a 300% increase - but with only a 60% increase in staff.

Management Information - another client calculated that they were spending three days per month compiling various reports by hand - which equates to 180 mandays over 5 years - and these reports are now produced in a few minutes.

Online Facilities For Your Centres - Make efficiency savings, improve turnaround times and increase data accuracy by allowing your centres to upload registration and grade files.

Turnaround Times - One of our clients has halved turnaround times since going live with Parnassus.
Client Testimonials
1st4Sport Qualifications has a customised implementation of Gordon Associates' solution for awarding bodies. The system provides support for the administration and management of qualifications, approved learning providers, events, registration of learners and grade entry.

Tony Dallimore, Education Director, says "The system has proved popular with all business users, reducing processing time, streamlining business processes and improving customer service."

Gordon Associates has delivered a sophisticated business administration system to CACHE (Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education, see Within six months of going live, CACHE recorded a significant increase in customer satisfaction ratings with their centres.

In addition there was an improved awareness of customers needs and, in parallel, an increased awareness within centres of the awards offered by CACHE.
Client Portfolio 
Gordon Associates is the leading provider of solutions to the awarding body market, with the largest number of clients. Visit the Clients section of for details of some of our projects. Please ask for references if required.
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Please contact us if you would like a copy of our standard cost/benefit breakdown for awarding body management systems. We can also provide an independent consultant to help quantify the business benefits of a new solution.

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