Awarding Organisation Management System

You need software which is reliable and robust. We consider Parnassus to be the Audi of the market - built to last and capable of eating up the miles. Here are some numbers to back up this statement: one client processes 250,000 learners per year across 125 countries around the world, another client uploads registration files of tens of thousands of learners, another client prints batches of tens of thousands of certificates in peak periods, across our complete client base we estimate that Parnassus stores 25 million learners and supports 100,000 users. Please contact us if you would like to talk to any of our clients.

Hosting Solutions

    Cost-effective option for smaller organisations. Parnassus is hosted on our cloud server. Lower cost, but only limited customisations are supported and integration to other systems is only available via import/export files. Otherwise this option includes all the functions of the Enterprise Edition ...
    Your own instance of Parnassus on a server that is dedicated to you - which we can provide or we can install on your servers. Full customisation and integration options for larger organisations.

  • Available to download:
    Parnassus Key Features leaflet
    Parnassus Technical Architecture

Connecting To External Systems

    There are optional additional modules available for integrating to:
  • Membership Systems
  • CRM or Sales and Marketing Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Learning Records Service (LRS)
  • eAssessment Systems

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Dynamic Reporting

All awarding organisations need to submit reports to regulatory bodies and Parnassus provides standard reports for bodies such as DCSF, Ofqual (commonly known as Forvus or Bath data), UCAS. Many more are provided as well - in addition with a facility to build additional reports for internal or external consumption - either paper reports or for electronic data interchange (EDI, csv, xml, xls etc).

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User Experience

    System Built in Tools

  • Audit history by user and date/time-stamp.
  • Track user's most recent activity
  • Organisation's personalised address book.
  • Search by inputting parameters for each module.
  • Comprehensive list of standard reporting templates.
  • Workflow management system.

    Customer Specific Branding

  • Groups of users can have personalised messages boards at initial login.
  • Multiple messages can be prioritised.
  • Group of users can have default startup page.