Awarding Organisation Management System

Parnassus from Gordon Associates is a portal-style awarding body management system which fully embraces all types of units & qualifications. Parnassus supports all core AO business functions from learner registration to certification. Parnassus has been designed as a portal solution so that internal staff can use it but, if required, any function can be used by centres - and also EQA's, EV's and other external users.

Hosting Solutions

    We can host Parnassus for Enterprise Edition (along with licences for Microsoft Windows and SQL Server) however, clients have the option to source their own server. This can be on-premises or a dedicated web server.
    Parnassus in the Cloud Edition is also available. All to think about is the initial setup.

  • Available to download:
    Parnassus Key Features leaflet
    Parnassus Technical Architecture

Connecting To External Systems

    There are optional additional modules available:
  • Sales and Marketing Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Learning Records Service (LRS)
  • eAssessment Systems

  • More Details

Dynamic Reporting

All awarding organisations need to submit reports to regulatory bodies and Parnassus provides standard reports for bodies such as DCSF, Ofqual (commonly known as Forvus or Bath data), UCAS. Many more are provided as well - in addition with a facility to build additional reports for internal or external consumption - either paper reports or for electronic data interchange (EDI, csv, xml, xls etc).

More Details

User Experience

    System Built in Tools

  • Audit history by user and date/time-stamp.
  • Track user's user's most recent activity
  • Organisation's personalised address book.
  • Search by inputting parameters for each module.
  • Comprehensive list of standard reporting templates.
  • Workflow management system.

    Customer Specific Branding

  • Groups of users can have personalised messages boards at initial login.
  • Multiple messages can be prioritised.
  • Group of users can have default startup page.