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Parnassus Functions

Parnassus Overview

Parnassus from Gordon Associates is a portal-style awarding body management system which fully embraces all types of units & qualifications.

Parnassus supports all core AO business functions from learner registration to certification.

Parnassus has been designed as a portal solution so that internal staff can use it but, if required, any function can be used by centres - and also EQA's, EV's and other external users.

Parnassus has been built with the highest levels of security in mind and will support your accreditation with the security standards, ISO27001 and ISO27002.


Parnassus is a flexible, customisable solution that can be used immediately after installation - or can be customised to your organisation's business processes.

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Function Overview

QCF - Qualifications & Credit Framework
Parnassus is QCF compliant, but also supports NQF qualifications - and any other structure of qualification. The system enables you to define qualifications & units with or without credit values and rules of combination. The registration and certification functions check the qualification definitions and rules so that you cannot register a learner incorrectly or produce a certificate for a non-compliant achievement.

Ofqual is currently reviewing its approach on qualification frameworks and Parnassus will evolve to provide new functions as their findings are published.

The core modules of Parnassus are:

Qualifications - This module is the foundation of the rest of the system and allows you to define awards, units, pathways, assessment types & methods, grading matrix (supports pass/fail, A-E, Pass/Merit/Distinction and can be customised for other grade structures); supports credit-based qualifications and common units. And much more …

Centres - Centres & satellite sites, approved qualifications, multiple centre types (e.g. delivery and assessment), contacts with site roles and award roles, approval status at centre, site, qualification level. And much more …

Registrations - Learner details, check for duplicates, qualification or unit registration, capture of Ofqual information such as ethnic origin etc, links to LRS and transfers, registration batches, multiple registrations per candidate. And much more …

Assessment - Manual grade entry, supports all grading structures, accreditation of prior learning, common units, grade history, re-grades, links to eAssessment (optional), upload of grade entry from csv/Excel files. And much more …

Certification - supports printing of batches of >10,000 certificates (as well as smaller batches of course), certification by individual, by qualification, by centre, by unit, re-prints, duplicates. And much more …

Online Registrations, Achievement Upload etc - As a portal, Parnassus enables you to share all functions with external users, the most common being the following centre functions: online registrations, upload of registration files, submission of achievement.

Customisable - Parnassus is a fully functioning application that can be used immediately after installation - or can be customised to your organisation's business processes, terminology & document templates.
LRS - Parnassus is fully integrated with the LRS (Learning Records Service) for validation of ULN's (Unique Learner Numbers). Parnassus can be driven either by ULN's or using your own internal candidate id system. Parnassus can also upload achievement to the PLR, either via file export or by direct integration.

Reporting - Parnassus uses the Microsoft SQL Server database. Therefore reporting can be performed using four methods, which are fast becoming the de facto industry standard:

- Built-in standard reports
- All users can create simple reports using the easy-to-use Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder
- More advanced users can create more sophisticated reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
- Data warehousing and business intelligence analysis can be performed using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Data can be exported to Excel and other formats.

Audit Trail - all functions in the system feature an audit trail by user and date/time-stamp.

Click here for leaflet listing all Parnassus functions ...

Further customisations: you may wish to extend the solution in other areas - these are some of the bespoke extensions we can provide: examiner management, recruitment, links to finance systems, memberships, integration with eAssessment solutions - and much more!

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Mount Parnassus
The seat of learning for the Ancient Greeks, Mount Parnassus towers over Delphi, the site of the Oracle.

Parnassus in Literature
The name Parnassus in literature typically refers to its distinction as the home of poetry, literature and learning.

Further information on the history of Parnassus

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