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Technical Information

Parnassus has been developed as a portal or web-site using Microsoft developments tools: the .NET programming framework and the SQL Server database.

Parnassus can either be installed on your servers or is available in the Cloud.

See our Technical Information leaflet for further information.

Links to Other Systems - Finance, eAssessment, eCommerce etc
We regularly provide integration with accounts systems such as Sage or Microsoft Dynamics-GP (Great Plains) and links to other finance systems are available. This normally involves the synchronisation of centres/accounts between Parnassus and the finance system, as well as the transfer of transactions that incur charges, eg registrations, duplicate certificates, centre approvals, to the finance system.

We are able to provide integration to any eAssessment package, such as BTL Surpass, Coelrind X-AMS, Calibrand, Questionmark etc. 

Parnassus and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Parnassus is integrated with the Microsoft CRM product from the Microsoft Dynamics range to present a single wide-ranging system to the user. 

Once you are using Microsoft CRM, you will have a powerful system that can be used in many other ways. There are three main flavours of Microsoft CRM, which can help your business:
• Marketing
• Sales Management
• Service Management

Microsoft CRM's most compelling feature is that users access it from within Outlook (as shown in some of the screenshots) or via a web-style interface. Therefore take-up of CRM within an organisation is incredibly rapid - there is a very low training requirement.

Microsoft CRM can be integrated with your phone system, used remotely via the internet, sections can be opened up to your customers to enter orders, log service requests, retrieve information ... and the system is extremely configurable which means our consultants can rapidly customise CRM to fit your business processes.

Links to External Systems
Gordon Associates is committed to long-term support for interfaces to LRS, QCF, RITS, A2C, Forvus and other systems or web-sites managed by Ofqual, SFA and UCAS.
Gordon Associates has built a reputation as experts in the field of integration with LRS and awarding bodies regularly request our assistance with LRS accreditation and the building of links to their own internally-developed bespoke awarding body management systems.
LRS - Validating ULNs
Parnassus meets the requirements for the Learning Records Service (LRS) and provides awarding organisations with built-in functionality for validating Unique Learner Numbers (ULNs). You are able to validate a learner's ULN manually (by clicking on a button which immediately communicates with the LRS web-site) and Parnassus also includes background validation of ULN's which is useful when large volumes of registrations are being imported. This is a configurable service - for example you can define which qualifications have a mandatory requirement for a ULN to be present.

Other Reporting
All awarding organisations need to submit reports to regulatory bodies and Parnassus provides standard reports for bodies such as DCSF, Ofqual (commonly known as Forvus or Bath data), UCAS. Many more are provided as well - in addition with a facility to build additional reports for internal or external consumption - either paper reports or for electronic data interchange (EDI, csv, xml, xls etc).

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Mount Parnassus
The seat of learning for the Ancient Greeks, Mount Parnassus towers over Delphi, the site of the Oracle.

Parnassus in Literature
The name Parnassus in literature typically refers to its distinction as the home of poetry, literature and learning.

Further information on the history of Parnassus

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